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Document knowledge gaps and enable your internal teams

Comprehensive training courses on IBM i 

Nemo iAcademy offers high quality training courses on IBM i, structured and tailored based on your specific needs. Our instructors are experienced and qualified professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise in the respective fields of training.  ​

  • Technical Documentation:

    • Database dictionary

    • Architectural diagrams

    • User Manuals

    • Knowledge transfer and hand over sessions

  • Custom training Sessions:

    • RPG, RPG ILE

    • Cobol, ILE Cobol

    • SQL, CL, IWS

  • Structured Courses on RPG:​

    • Variables declaration

    • Data Description Specification (DDS)

    • Display files

    • Printer files

    • Compilation and error handling

    • System functions

    • Internal Subroutines

    • Data structures, Arrays and Data areas

    • Fetching data using RPG

    • Subfiles introduction

    • Subfiles Inquiry, Search, Paging

    • Debuging

    • Prototypes

    • Modules

    • Advanced compiling options

    • Basic API programming

    • XML parsing

  • Structured Courses on CL programing​

    • CL programming concepts

    • Program creation and debugging

    • Expressions, Relational operations and Build-in functions

    • Files handling and database processing via a CL program

    • Messages handling

    • Program interactions and parameters passing

    • Data queues handling via a CL program

    • Activate synchronous and asynchronous jobs

  • Structured Courses on Cobol:​

    • Introduction to Cobol for IBM System i

    • Files and variables definition

    • Designing Cobol programs

    • Numeric and Alphanumeric values manipulation

    • Debuging

    • Printing reports

    • Accessing a database file

    • Data structures and arrays

    • Data queues message handling

Latest Case Study

Leading international insurance company in Cyprus

Custom training in core IBM i development skills delivered via 
Nemo iAcademy

The Case

Our client runs a core insurance application on the IBM i platform using Cobol, RPG and CL programs. Staff attrition over time and the lack of IBM I platform experience in the marketplace has led to the need to hire less experienced staff who require additional knowledge before becoming effective.

“ We simply cannot find cost-effective new recruits with the skills profile required to support our mission-critical applications. “

The Solution

Nemo IT Solutions undertook the responsibility to design tailored training sessions covering the following topics:

  • Data Description Specification (DDS) for:

    • Physical/Logical Files

    • Display Files

    • Printer Files (RLU)

  • RPG IV / ILE RPG programing including:

    • SQLRPG and Free format RPG

    • System functions

    • Binding Directories, Modules and Service programs

    • Advanced compiling options and Debugging

  • CL programming including:

    • CL ILE (CLLE)

    • SQL statements using CLLE programs


Hands on training based on real life examples provided by the client.

Upon completion of the training, all new recruits were able to address typical support requirements without external assistance.

“ You are a great trainer that knows very well your area of expertise.
The areas we covered were thorough, organized, and detailed.
You provided great knowledge with very good examples and hands-on programming training that made our understanding very clear

Ttaining Participant 

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