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Nemo IT Solutions GRC framework

In every organization, a major concern for the leadership is to have clear and effective oversight of both the short and long term strategy,  the enterprise processes, the available technology and the human resources management. There are some questions like “Do we have a clear view of our company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?” or “Are we in compliance?” for which the board of directors seeks efficient and accurate responses on a regular basis. It is widely accepted that control mechanisms and reporting is crucial for directors and senior executives in order to make effective decisions. 

Additionally, each function within an organization is continually faced with various risks. These risks come in different forms such as Financial, Reputational or Security. At the same time, all the functions are facing the same risks, but from different perspectives.

Download our GRC overview white paper and learn how Nemo IT Solutions GRC proposal can provide you a complete framework and assist your organization to achieve the strategic objectives with responsibility, transparency, integrity and at minimum cost.  

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