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PMO and Project Governance

Project Management Office (PMO)

Companies with established Project Management Office (PMO) are generally more successful in completing projects than those without.

Especially when

  • There are multiple projects to control

  • There are multiple resources from different vendors to coordinate

  • Projects are dispersed over various departments

  • There are strategic decisions and priorities to consider 

The establishment and the regular assessment of the PMO is mandatory.  

Our PMO set up model is driven by the PMI standards and follows 4 steps 

Project Governance

The purpose of project governance is to provide a decision-making framework that is logical, robust and repeatable to govern any type of project or program, and independent of the underlying usage of project methodology. In this way, an organization will have a structured approach for conducting both its business as usual activities and its business change, or project-activities.

Nemo Project Governance Model follows 8 guiding principles

Single point of accountability

Clear reporting and metrics

Clear Plans

Clear Roles and Responsibilities

Decision making - Stakeholders management Separation

Project governance and Organization structure Separation 

Lesson learnt management

Project termination clear criteria

Effective governance of project management ensures that the organisation’s Project Portfolio remains aligned to organisational objectives, and is delivered efficiently and effectively, in a sustainable manner.

Nemo consultants can help you to establish your organization's project  governance in order to provides the project managers and teams, with structures, processes, decision making models and tools for successful managing the projects

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