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Advanced RPG programming



This course is the second part of the RPG programming series and provides additional skills and techniques to programmers who are already experienced in RPG programming. It gives the ability to the participants to create complex subfiles with manual or automated paging, to use the advanced functions of ILE compiler in both interactive and batch programs and to understand the concepts of the modular programming, API handling and XML parsing.


This course has been designed for software developers that are already familiar with RPG programming on IBM System i and they need advanced skills in order to develop complex and modern applications using API interface, XML messages and modular technics


The basic knowledge of IBM System i (AS101) and the fundamental skills on RPG (RP101) are strongly recommended prerequisites for the participants.


32 hours




-Subfiles introduction

-Subfiles Inquiry, Search, Paging




-Advanced compiling options

-Basic API programming

-XML parsing

Available financial cover by LAEK

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