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Cobol programming



This is a wide course on Cobol programming language for IBM System i. It starts from the basic concepts of Cobol structure language like variables and files definition, numeric and alphanumeric functions and statements, database access and debugging process and ends up on modular programming and data queues message handling. By the completion of the course, the participants will be able to understand, write and maintain from simple reporting Cobol programs to complex application using Cobol.


This is course an introductory course designed for software engineers who need to understand, maintain and develop Cobol programs on IBM System i platform. Prerequisites


Previous experience in IBM System i development environment concepts is not necessary, however it is recommended for the participants to have some basic knowledge on structure programming.


40 hours




-Introduction to Cobol for IBM System i

-Files and variables definition

-Designing Cobol programs

-Numeric and Alphanumeric values manipulation


-Printing reports

-Accessing a database file

-Data structures and arrays

-Data queues message handling

Available financial cover by LAEK

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