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Control Language (CL) programming



This advanced course in CL programming provides a comprehensive knowledge to write simple and complex CL programs in order to perform a variety of system and application control functions like file and messaging handling, system values management, programs interaction, numerical and logical expressions handling and database access.


This is course an advanced course designed for software engineers that are already experienced in IBM System i development environment and they want to learn how CL programming provides the ability to build more complex and structured applications.


Previous experience in IBM System i development environment concepts and the basic knowledge of RPG or Cobol programming language is highly recommended.


32 hours




-CL programming concepts

-Program creation and debugging

-Expressions, Relational operations and Build-in functions

-Files handling and database processing via a CL program

-Messages handling

-Program interactions and parameters passing

-Data queues handling via a CL program

-Activate synchronous and asynchronous jobs

Available financial cover by LAEK

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